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Join us virtually from August 26 - 28!

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Who We Are

Ignition Hacks is a virtual global hackathon focused on artificial intelligence, web development, and blockchain development, now in its 3rd iteration.

Learn more about the world of programming and rising specialities in the industry through our numerous workshops and speakers, while competing for over $9000 in prizes!

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Our Partner: Hackathons International

Ignition Hacks is proud to partner with Hackathons International! Hackathons International believes in revolutionizing the work experience by placing individuals first and allowing for authentic engagements in a hackathon setting. Innovation begins with shaping company culture through trust, inclusivity and community.

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Why you should join

Why Get Involved?


We'll be hosting many workshops throughout the event covering varying topics, including AI/ML, web development, and blockchain.


Create an amazing project within 3 days from the ground up to add to your portfolio.


With over $9000 worth of prizes, there's bound to be something for you.

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Division Sigma

Are you a beginner/first-time hacker? Then, Division Sigma is the challenge stream for you! Hackers will team up to participate in a series of workshops, followed by short tasks, called "Proofs", which are graded by the judges. By the end of Ignition Hacks, Hackers will have created a final project and the winners will be the team with the highest overall score on each "Proof".


Division Delta

In Division Delta, hackers team up to solve problems in the Healthcare, Education, and Environment Industries, with a special emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development, or Blockchain.

Important stuff to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event dedicated to gathering both aspiring and experienced computer programmers to work upon and create a product, based on a given question or theme. This key question or theme is what diversifies hackathons from one another. A typical hackathon ranges from a 24 to 72 hour event, filled to the brim with immersive workshops and guest speakers. During this time, participants use a combination of their newfound knowledge along with past experiences to come up with a product. In a hackathon, participants can decide to work in teams or individually. Finally, prizes are offered to participants with the best projects at the end of the event.

What is Ignition Hacks?

Ignition Hacks is a virtual hackathon that aims to introduce participants to artificial intelligence, both Web2 and Web3 development, as well as their applications. Held by a group of Canadian high school students, it acts as a medium for student collaboration and enrichment by focusing on hands-on application of the aforementioned technologies. This is done by holding a series of workshops and seminars featuring guest speakers, with the chance to win big by creating and pitching your project to judges.

Who can participate?

Any student aged 13-19 can join Ignition Hacks 2022!

How many people can be on one team?

Four Hackers can form one team at Ignition Hacks. You can form a team before or during the event.

What platform will Ignition Hacks be hosted on?

Communication at Ignition Hacks will take place on Discord, workshops and speakers will be hosted on Hopin, and project submission will occur on Devpost.

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