About Us

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Our Story

Ignition Hacks 2021 is a virtual hackathon designed to introduce participants to artificial intelligence and its various applications. Our purpose is further emphasized by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has drastically decreased engagement and learning for students globally. Ignition acts as a medium for student collaboration and enrichment by focusing on hands-on applications of machine learning through a series of workshops and seminars featuring guest speakers. Furthermore, we also provide a wide array of support for beginner hackers, to introduce more aspiring youth into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ignition Hacks addresses a variety of community issues, in creating a stimulating environment for underrepresented groups in STEM. By encouraging youth to unlock their full potentials and providing opportunities for minorities, such as through our Radia Perlman Award, dedicated to the Mother of the Internet, which targets young women entrepreneurs. In order to address such community issues, Ignition Hacks will require the grant funds, provided by the Rising Youth Program, to alleviate the costs necessary to target minorities and provide a medium of enrichment for students. Such costs will include honorariums for guest speakers, prizes for talented youth, and additional materials to stimulate youth during the event.

Our Team

Our team consists of 6 Canadian high school students who have a passion for computer science, artificial intelligence, and helping their community!