Our Story

Ignition Hacks 2021 is a virtual hackathon designed to introduce participants to artificial intelligence and its various applications. Our purpose is further emphasized by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has drastically decreased engagement and learning for students globally. Ignition acts as a medium for student collaboration and enrichment by focusing on hands-on applications of machine learning through a series of workshops and seminars featuring guest speakers. Furthermore, we also provide a wide array of support for beginner hackers, to introduce more aspiring youth into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Compete at a Global Hackathon, backed by the Government of Canada with over $6000 worth of prizes. Learn about Artificial Intelligence and its application and build job-ready skills through our numerous workshops and speakers! Network with like-minded individuals and find potential employment opportunities during the event!

Our Team

Our team consists of 6 Canadian high school students who have a passion for computer science, artificial intelligence, and helping their community! If this sounds like you, join our team today!